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Pedagogical approach

Educating future leaders and decision makers able to trigger and conduct change while always holding critical analysis requires a consistent academic and educational program. Ours is based on comparative approaches to the study of the human, social sciences and economics.

Teaching a critical understanding

Our program entails numerous teachings devoted to the understanding of long term historic and social processes that led to build States and societies in the Mediterranean and Africa. Alongside those teachings which have a strong regional focus the students acquire fundamental tools of understanding through scientific learnings in Political science, Law, Sociology or anthropology. This is meant to build critical capacities by our students and help them to understand societies, economies, states or international relations as evolving social constructions.

Coming to study on an individual basis (free mover)

If your university does not have a partnership with the FGSES, you can apply to our training programs as a "free mover". Contact our international office to ask for more information: [email protected]

Bilateral exchange agreement, Erasmus+ or double degree

You are coming from a partner university that has signed a student exchange agreement with the FGSES.

  • You must be selected by your institution to be able to study at the FGSES. Contact the international relations department of your institution to find out how to apply for an exchange program.
  • If you have already been selected, you will find here all the information you need to prepare your study abroad at the FGSES.

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Apply Online

  • For the autumn semester (September – December), the deadline is June 15th.
  • For the spring semester (January– April), the deadline is November 15th.


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