The scholarship policy adopted by the Faculty of Governance, Economic and Social Sciences (FGSES), in partnership with the Ibn Rochd Foundation for Science and Innovation (FIRSI), includes two complementary schemes:

  • The Excellence Scholarship: aims at rewarding the performance of the best ranked candidates, at the end of the entrance exam, both at the Bachelor and Master levels. The number of excellence scholarships awarded is dependent on the annual scholarship budget. This number is approved by the FGSES Jury of Deliberation.
  • Granting scholarship on social criteria: these social criteria, reflecting the standard of living of the applicant's family, are used as a basis to grant the social scholarship. It is intended to cover all or part of the cost of accommodation and meals as well as part of the tuition fees when the deserving student does not benefit from a full scholarship.

The FGSES social grants depend on merit criteria, based on a survey of the student's file. This survey is mainly based on academic results (continuous evaluation, regional baccalaureate (or similar, e.g.: anticipated baccalaureate tests), national baccalaureate and entrance exam).
Procedure for submitting a scholarship application:
At the end of the FGSES eligibility stage, a list of students entitled to apply for a scholarship is established. The study is first done on the basis of the statements made by the candidate. 
A verification of the compliance of the application will be made on the basis of the required supporting documents: 

  • Completed, signed and authenticated scholarship application form with photo ID; 
  • A signed and authenticated declaration of honour from each parent (or legal guardian) 
  • Copy of the National Identity Card, Passport or Residence Permit of the student concerned, of each of the parents (or legal guardian); 
  • Certificate of residence of both parents (or legal guardian); 
  • Certificate of global income for the year 2020, for each parent (or guardian/legal guardian), issued by the Direction Régionale des Impôts (Regional tax Department). This certificate must mention the net taxable income. It is imperative to provide it even if the parents (or guardian/legal guardian) are not active; 
  • Copy of all completed pages of the family record book; 
  • If applicable, a certificate of accommodation issued by a social welfare institution.


Please note that the scholarship application must include all financial resources from which the family benefits: salaries, various fees and any other form of benefits, as well as income from movable and immovable property, gains from the sale or rental of movable and immovable property, various performance and statutory bonuses, pensions, interest-bearing accounts, income from investments in financial instruments or any other source of income whatsoever.
Students will receive personalized access to the FIRSI platform at a later date to submit their digital files. 
The final step of the process will lead to the submission of the original supporting documents for the validation of the scholarship rate calculated beforehand. 
The FGSES scholarship rules are signed by all FGSES scholarship holders. This document sets the terms and conditions for the awarding and retaining FGSES scholarships and financial aid. 
Important: Excellence and social grants can be combined and once awarded, the student benefits from them during the course of his/her studies. However, the granting of scholarships implies attendance at classes and compliance with the disciplinary provisions of the FGSES study regulations.