How to apply

Applications for our undergraduate and master programs are made online at the FGSES-Admissions application platform.
A user account must first be created with a password that you will have to determine. You can keep your session open or choose to log out at the end of each submission. You must ensure that you have saved your content so that you can resume your application after your session has expired.
Our e-candidate platform will show you the time remaining until the closing of applications and will show you notifications relating to the announcement of the results of your eligibility and the final decision if this step has been passed successfully. We therefore recommend that you visit the platform throughout the admission process.

As indicated in our F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions), applying in advance is recommended but will not affect your preselection. We guarantee that all applications submitted on our application platform will be processed, subject to compliance with the application deadlines.
Finally, we remind you that what interests us the most is your uniqueness. We advise you to be yourself and use your own style without recourse to the help of a third party.
When completing your application, be sure to enter your first and last name exactly as they appear on official documents, such as your passport, birth certificate, or driver's license.

Apply in another language

You can apply in Arabic or English by changing the language in the options tab, or from the home page of the application platform.

Before starting: documents to prepare

For the validation of your application, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • a recent, scanned passport photo. The specifications are specified at the application platform level;
  • a scan of the identity document: including the front and back in the case of an identity card or passport;
  • all three years of high school score reports. The score reports of the semesters of studies in progress must be entered as soon as they are obtained;
  • all score reports from undergraduate years. The score reports for semester 5 and 6, which are generally available late, must be uploaded to the application platform as soon as they are retrieved by the candidate;
  • high school diploma if available. Proof of graduation must be provided as soon as it is available;
  • the bachelor’s degree diploma or the certificate of successful completion of the license. Proof of graduation must be provided as soon as it is available;
  • language certificates and other supporting documents deemed useful;
  • Reference letter (Ph.D programs);
  • include the documents relating to the scholarship application (when your eligibility will be pronounced).

Provide your personnal information

Here are the most important points to remember:

  • you must complete all required fields, no required fields can be skipped. All fields must be completed before your application is validated and sent to the Selection Committee;
  • however, you don't have to do it all at once: you can log in, save your progress at any time and resume typing later;
  • make sure you use a valid email address. Make sure that it is synchronized with your phone and/or computer so that you don't miss any important information;
  • for Outlook and Gmail addresses, FGSES emails sometimes end up in spam or the Promotions tab (Gmail);
  • if you lose access to your email address, please change your email address in your profile on the application platform;
  • questions about the personal and family situation;
  • questions about scholarship information. More information about scholarships and financial aid is available at

We are reachable so that your parents, teachers or advisers can ask us general questions relating to your application to the FGSES. However, and for security reasons, no identification details can be exchanged with them, whether at the level of authentication or security questions or password.

Add information related to your course

You must enter all your qualifications from secondary education - whether you have the results (case of graduates from previous years) or whether you are still awaiting final exams and results. This allows the Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences to determine whether you meet the admission requirements.

If you do not have the required admission conditions, you can make a derogatory registration request, before registering on the application platform. Any registration made on the platform with averages higher than the actual averages will be automatically deleted and the candidate will be permanently banned from the FGSES application platform.

If you are awaiting the results of high school or your last semester of bachelor, you will have to communicate to us without waiting all your results obtained, to date. Do not wait to obtain your diploma to apply for the FGSES, you risk compromising your chances of admission by being off schedule.
Your final results must be entered in your application platform, as soon as they are obtained. Any delay at this level could be sanctioned.

Your motivation

This is the only part of the application where you can write in your own style. This is an opportunity to explain to the Selection Committee why you want to join our establishment, what your qualities and projects are, and how you plan to deploy them at the FGSES. Each text field must contain a minimum of 250 words. It cannot exceed 400 words (about 15 lines).

We recommend that you use word processing software (LibreOffice, Office Online or Google Docs, for example) to write your motivations and then paste them into the application platform. This will allow you to better control the entry of your text, its content and its length, and to benefit from the grammatical and spelling checker, in the language used.

When you are at the level of your application, regularly save your work by clicking on the "save" button to avoid any loss of work.

Be meticulous and attentive by rereading your entry carefully before validating the section and moving on to the next. Your application is an important opportunity to make a good impression on the Selection Committee.

Validate and submit your application

Once you have completed your application, make sure you have entered all the important information correctly (ID number, current establishment, contact telephone number). If necessary, make the necessary changes.

Check the integrity of all supporting documents uploaded to the application platform. Download them to your computer or phone to verify that the document is readable and complete.

You will be required to read and accept the general conditions, and to validate your declarations to allow us to study your application.

Check the admissions calendar regularly. Do not wait until the last minute to validate your application.
No incomplete file will be taken into consideration, from the closing date for admissions.

Keep an eye on your information

Notifications in your application platform will inform you of all kinds of important events and decisions (the date of processing your application, the final decision on your admission, the date and terms of the competition, etc.).

Notifications and alerts are available even after your file has been sent to the Selection Committee, until the end of the admissions campaign.