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Salah Ziri is associated to Skills Cluster for Agile Learning in Economics & Social Sciences (SCALES) at the Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences.

He teaches German and Arabic as a Foreign Language on the Language Programs for Economics & Social Sciences (LAPEX), housed at SCALES. He is additionally in charge of two programs run at SCALES: Community Service Program and Career Advisory Program.

Salah Ziri is specialist of teaching German as a foreign language as well as teacher’s trainer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in German language and literature from Mohammed V University as well as a diploma in education from Faculty of education science.

Salah Ziri has over thirty years’ experience teaching German as a foreign language both at Moroccan high school as well as Goethe Institute. His affiliation with the Goethe Institute allowed him to further enhance his pedagogical training and earned him Grünes Diplom/ Green Diploma as well as several certificates conferring Munich the title Examiner of German in line with the standards and descriptors of the Goethe Institute for all levels, from A1-C2 on the Common European framework for languages.

Since 1994, Pr. Salah Ziri has participated in several programs in Germany on various aspects of German Culture, Civilization, and society.

From 2006 to 2011, Pr. Ziri ran workshops and training programs at l’Ecole Normale Supérieure in Rabat. He has also contributed to the implementation of distant learning programs for secondary education at the regional academy of education in Rabat.

For the academic year 2022-2023

  • (LAN016) German 


Salah Ziri