What is our pedagogical orientation?


The Faculty has chosen to implement a new pedagogical philosophy, which places the student at the heart of the learning system. In this philosophy, the traditional pedagogical relationship between the professor and the student is reversed. The mission of the professor is to implement, throughout the course, varied and innovative educational devices, intended to ensure that the student is a progressive, autonomous and responsible player in his/her training, which can then become truly individualized.

Therefore, it seems essential to us to open spaces of freedom to the students in which they can discuss and test the ideas developed by the professor.


The teaching session is no longer a moment when the student discovers the course. The student is supposed to work before and during the session, and no longer only after. During the session, the professor explains the main points and answers students' questions on the content they have worked on. With such a pedagogy, students are less likely to review a course only at the time of the exam.

More broadly, such a pedagogical philosophy requires the professor to be available as much as possible and to provide all the necessary material      students may need for their own learning, outside face-to-face sessions.


Course Lenght

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Reinforcement through active pedagogy

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Academic Advisors

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