Oratory Contest

As part of our Journée Portes Ouvertes event, our student Club ‘’AGORA’’ organized an oratory contest that brought together students from a diverse selection of high schools in Morocco. This contest served as a platform for these talented students to showcase their oratory skills and knowledge on a wide range of topics, ranging from political science and sociology to technology and economics.

This contest provided students with a valuable chance to hone their public speaking and research skills. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the intellectual talent and diversity of our country’s youth and we look forward to the upcoming oratory contest.

The participating high schools included:

  • Paul Valéry High School
  • Lycée Victor Hugo - Marrakech
  • Lycée Mohammed VI d'excellence
  • Lycée Qualifiant Mohamed V
  • Lycée Hassan 2
  • Lycée Abtih
  • Label Excellence
  • Institut Maison des Sciences
  • Lycée Français Léon Africain
  • Lycée Kachkat
  • Lycée Français International André Malraux
  • Groupe Scolaire High Tech Azahra
  • Académie Francis Valery
  • Lycée Français International Jean Charcot
  • Groupe Scolaire Molière
  • Groupe Scolaire Atlas
  • Baraim er-Razi
  • Groupe Scolaire Annour
  • Groupe Scolaire Al Makrizi
  • Anisse International School