Summer School -Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Join us for a 5 week Summer School at UM6P Rabat Campus! It is a unique experience to enhance your skills, stimulate your intellectual curiosity and expand your knowledge horizons alongside students from different backgrounds.

The program seeks to accelerate the learning process in an innovative, creative, relaxed and informal but productive manner. 

Major characteristics: 

  • Provides specific support in skills required for the successful completion of the curriculum.

  • Gives structure and meaning to free time.

  • Accommodating of students needs and interests.

  • Both didactic and recreational as it allows students to develop their critical ability and creativity.

The Summer School includes 2 main programs:

  • Program 1: Academic skills, arts & crafts and sports 
  • Program 2: Sustainability summer course

Both programs are composed of: 

  • Arts & crafts and sports
  • Benguerir journey leg
  • Immersion Program in Public Policy

Bootcamps, Language and Culture Series & Book presentations are open to all students registered on the program. However, students need to register in these events as they will receive a certificate of attendance for these activities.


Benguerir Journey Leg is part of both program 1 and program 2. It is the opportunity for UM6P from both Rabat and UM6P Campus as well as other students registered in the program to connect as a larger community  and discover the ins and outs of respective disciplinary areas.

Benguerir Journey Leg includes:

  • Field visits to UM6P science laboratories (environment and sustainable energy, robotics, smart eco-architecture, coding and data mining and analytics, Agrobusiness);
  • Field visits to local cooperative initiatives in  the social solidarity economy of the Benguerir area;
  • A variety of recreational and social activities (games, quizzes , buddy afternoons, collaborative, sports tournaments and much more!)


IP3 is a 4-day externship in 4 different entities of Public Policy in the Rabat area. It is an optional component to the summer school program 1 & program 2. This program is open strictly to FGSES students and highly recommended for current L1 students. 

IP3 characteristics & goals:

  • A first-hand exposure and observation to  processes of public policy making ;
  • Provides insight and experience of day-to-day dynamics of the workplace ;
  • Enhances the ability to observe, compare and contrast, synthesize observation made in 4 different contexts of Public policy making ;
  • An entry point to an internship in the host organization and beyond.

Follow-up on learning outcome

  • Student’s Immersion experience co-monitored by SCALES – FGSES and externship host at the receiving organization. 
  • Delivrable : student journal with 4 entries documenting the 4-day experience.
  • Final reflection session : scheduled last day of IP3 week

IP3 Week

May 8th to May 12th - 1 week earlier than other components in program 1 and program 2.


    Program 1: Academic skills, arts & crafts and sports program

    Academic skills components (15 sessions per component)

    • Writing with Purpose (Writing for Public Policy, Law, Journalism, Media, Career Development, Executive Communication, Corporate Writing, Report Writing)

    • Media & information Literacy Lab Series (MILL)

    • Statistics, Data Analysis and Coding (STADAC)

    • Academic Writing and Public Speaking (WORC)

    • Intensive Language Program (Spanish OR German OR Arabic as a foreign Language)

    Arts & crafts (13 sessions per component) 

    • Theater, Improvisation & Choreography

    • Music, Singing & Choir

    • Cinematography & Cinephilia

    • Creative Writing: Poetry, Fiction, Screenwriting & Playwriting

    • Handcraft Workshops (Pottery & Sculpture, Drawing & Painting, Cake Design & Collaborative Cooking, Embroidery & Tapestry)

      This unit includes Field visits to : Oulja Site – Medina & Rabat Museums


    • Football

    • Basketball

    • Volleyball

    • Tennis de Table

    • Badminton

    • Tennis

    • Fitness Challenge

    • Outdoor activities (surfing, canoeing, climbing)


    Rules and procedures of registration 

    Student have to register in 1 program unit from each of the academic and arts & crafts blocks, and up to 3 activities in the sports block. They have to make 3 choices from each of the 3 blocks.

    As the seating capacity per program is limited, the Organizing Committee will accommodate choices on First-Come-First Served Basis.

    A program unit will only run when it reaches the critical size.

    Attendance is mandatory and will be monitored and factored in program certification and skills portfolio inventory. Students who have successfully completed the program receive a certificate.


    Program 2: Sustainability Summer course

    This five-week program explores various aspects of sustainability, with three weeks focusing on three different themes. The first week will explore the broad concept of the topic, followed by a week focused on energy and a final week dedicated to food security and agriculture. Through a combination of lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and their practical implications.


    In this module, the concept of sustainability will be explored from a 360-degree perspective, examining its social, economic, and environmental dimensions. It will reflect on the complex connections between human activity and the natural world and how they impact the earth's delicate balance. It will also discuss the critical need for decarbonization and explore the circular economy, a regenerative approach to production and consumption that aims to eliminate waste and pollution


    The energy module will delve into the urgent need for an energy transition as the world moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. It will explore solar energy, one of the most promising forms of renewable energy, and hydrogen, an emerging technology with the potential to revolutionize the energy sector. It will also examine the electrification infrastructure and the supply chain challenges associated with the shift to renewables.

    Agriculture and Food security

    The agriculture and food security week will examine the pressing need for sustainable agriculture to ensure food security in a changing climate. It will discuss water resource management, one of the most significant challenges facing agriculture in many regions of the world. It will also explore land restoration, a critical component of sustainable agriculture that involves rehabilitating degraded land to improve soil health and productivity.

    Rules and procedures of registration

    This program includes the summer course on sustainability and the choice of 1 unit from the Arts and Crafts block as well as units from the sports block.

    Summer course on sustainability must be taken as a set menu. Courses will be scheduled mornings.

    Students opting for program 2 cannot carry the Summer Course on Sustainability and the academic block of the program 1 simultaneously.

    To register:

    Attendance policy, Certification & ECTS Credits :

    • Attendance is mandatory.
    • Students from UM6P and other Moroccan institutions of higher education who have successfully completed the  program 2 will receive a Summer Course Certificate on Sustainability.
    • International Students who have successfully completed the Summer Course will obtain five ECTS credits.
    • Bootcamps, Language and Culture Series & Book presentations are open to all students registered on the program 2.

    Evaluation :

    • Week 5 will be devoted to final projects and evaluations.
    • Students will present a final project before a jury on Friday 16th of June.


    • Program 1 : 13.000,00 MAD (1.180,00 EURO)
    • Program 2 : 11.000,00 MAD (1000,00 EURO)
    • IP3: additional amount of 1000 MAD (90 EURO)

    These amounts cover the following items : 

    • Registration and tuition fees (Expenses related to Program 1 and 2) ;  
    • Accommodation expenses on Rabat Campus ;
    • Expenses related to Journey Leg and stay in Benguerir (Accommodation & Transport) ;
    • Expenses related to transportation for off-site activities.

    FGSES students registered in the Summer School Programs will benefit from a financial aid based on the percentage of their scholarship granted at the FGSES for the academic year 2022-2023 (Au prorata de la bourse accordée pour l’année académique en cours 2022-2023).

    Aplications for finacial aid will be considered.

    For more information about the payment procedure and financial aids please contact : [email protected]


    • Registrations: April 19th - April 28th
    • Program duration: May 08th - June 16th 
    • Benguerir journey leg: From May 29th to May 31st