The Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences is organizing a conference titled ''Islamophobia, Europe, Society and the Media'' scheduled on Monday, November, 07th (05:15 p.m) and taking place at the Active learning A- A0- 01 (Main Floor).

Our guest speaker for this event is Ronald Kroon, Senior Lecturer – Media Studies, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Islamophobia has a long tradition in the West and is a phenomenon which affects Muslims living in Europe in their everyday lives. Several studies have shown that given the extent to which the public is influenced by the media, negative portrayals, mis- and disinformation about Muslims result in an increase in unfavorable attitudes towards Muslims living in the West. From a Dutch perspective it is interesting to look deeper at these attitudes through three lenses to further understand what is happening, covering communication, identity and language. We will approach these from both a societal and media angle, discussing both historical and current events.