1. When and where will the Summer Academy take place?

  • Summer Academic Skills: from June 24th to July 26th, 2024.
  • Summer Arabic Language In Morocco (SALIM): from June 24th to July 26th, 2024.
  • Quantitative Economics: from May 13 th to June 14 th , 2024.
  • Sustainability Summer Course: from June 24th to July 26th, 2024.

The programs will be held in Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Rabat Campus<

2. Who can participate to the Summer Academy?

  • Summer Academic Skills: Undergraduate, Graduate students
  • Summer Arabic Language In Morocco (SALIM): Undergraduate, Graduate students, young professionals
  • Quantitative Economics: Undergraduate students
  • Sustainability Summer Course: Undergraduate, Graduate students, young professionals

3. How do I apply for the summer academy?

You can apply to the program online through the admission platform: admission.fgses-um6p.ma

4. Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the program?

Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of all scheduled activities by the organizers of the Summer Academy, provided they attend all sessions for the SAS, SALIM and SUSTAINABILITY programs. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to participants who have successfully passed the assessments of the Quantitative Economics Program.

5. Can I transfer credits from the summer school to my regular university program?

Upon program completion students who have participated in the Sustainability or SALIM programs will receive an official university transcript indicating their earned ECTS credits. If you are an FGSES student, please note that ECTS would not be considered in your general transcript.

6. Can I subscribe only to courses/activities of my choice?

Participation to the program implies the attendance to all classes and activities.

7. Can I attend to sessions virtually?

No, all sessions are held in person.

8. What is the application fee, and are there any scholarships available?

  • Summer Academic Skills: 21700 dhs Undergraduate, Graduate students
  • Summer Arabic Language In Morocco (SALIM): 20100 dhs
  • Quantitative Economics: 8500 dhs
  • Sustainability Summer Course: 22100 dhs

There are no scholarships available for this summer academy.

9. What is included in the price of the Summer Academy?

Summer programs fees vary depending on the program but they all include tuition, field visits, activities listed in the program, accommodation, and transportation fees (airport to Campus).

10. What are the payment methods available?

Payment methods accepted are either by bank transfer or by check.

11. What is the language of instruction?

The language of instruction is both French and English. Each program has a different language of instruction: for the Quantitative Economics program, it's in French, for SAS it's in both French and English, and for SALIM and Sustainable, it's exclusively in English.

12. Is accommodation provided for participants?

Yes, you will be staying on Campus, in single rooms in shared apartments. Each room is equipped with: Private bathrooms, AC, Wifi, security services 24/7 Each apartment is equipped with: TV, kitchen, living room

13. How can I get to Campus?

Transportation is covered for all activities included in the program. For any other matter, you can use Campus Shuttle or driving applications.

14. What are catering options on Campus?

Numerous dining options are available, including the main dining hall, food trucks, food stands, and various franchise restaurants that operate on campus.

15. Do I require a visa to participate to the program in Morocco?

If you are an international participant, you can refer to the following website to check visa requirements: https://www.consulat.ma/en/ordinary-visas

16. Deadlines:

  • Application: from December 1 st , 2023 to April 1 st , 2024
  • Early bird (-10%): from December 1 st , 2023 to December 31 st 2023
  • Payment: April 12, 2024

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For any further information, please contact: [email protected]