Undergraduate programs

Access to undergraduate degree programs requires holding a Baccalaureate diploma and follows a shortlisting process that takes into account the grades of the continuous evaluation, the regional exam, the anticipated Baccalaureate exams or equivalent, followed by an oral admission exam. 

For the 2024 intake

December 15th2023

Opening of the admissions period

You can apply by creating an account or log in with your social media accounts via FGSES admissions platform starting December 15th https://admission.fgses-um6p.ma/

March 15th2024

Final date to submit applications

All applications must be submitted before march 15 at 23h59. Due to the significant number of applications, technical issues may be expected during the last day. If encountered before, the admissions office will be glad to assist you. Early applications are encouraged.

April 20th-21st/ April 27th-28th2024


If your application is selected for the oral entrance exam step, you will be able to choose a time slot and date on the admissions platform to plan your arrival. Applicants living abroad or having travel difficulties may express their need for teleconference arrangements.

Starting May 4th2024

Admission results

The early admissions results take into account your oral entrance exam grade together with grades from your application. The final admissions decision will be received during July after receiving the remaining grades and the baccalaureate exam grade.

Bachelor's programs