Undergraduate Program in Political Science

The purpose of the Political Science program is to train specialists in the political field in its human, social and institutional aspects, enable them to understand and finely grasp its multiple dimensions and equip them with the various tools allowing them to study it or act in it wisely and efficiently. To train such profiles, the course combines courses intended to jointly develop theoretical hindsight, sensitivity to practical requirements and the art of making decisions.

The specificity of the undergraduate degree in political science is based on the balance between quantitative and qualitative methods, the versatility of its teaching aims at developing the students' ability to synthesize and to bring out interrelated solutions, in touch with the reality of the populations. The program supports ambitious training through the acquisition of theoretical and empirical tools from a national and African perspective.

The degree in Political Science is made up of two blocks:

  • a block containing a set of modules followed by all the students of each of these two undergraduate programs – in other words a “Major” 
  • 6 modules, students choose from a list of 7 concentrations – in other words a “Minor” 

The diversity of possible combinations between the "Major" and the "Minor" allows the students to build a tailor-made profile, adapted to their aspirations and meeting the current requirements of the labor market.

The choice of a concentration is not compulsory in the Applied Economics, Behavioral Sciences for Public Policy and Public Law undergraduate programs.

However, students in these two programs can add  modules specific to their program, by spending an additional semester at the FGSES, after obtaining their undergraduate degree.

Concentration modules start in L2.


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Undergraduate Program in Political Science

khalid Chegraoui

Vice-Dean, Political Science and International Relations

[email protected]