Undergraduate Program in Behavioral Science for Public Policy

The "Behavioral Science for Public Policy" program aims to train new profiles, which meet growing public policy needs: the need to understand populations, their preferences, their anticipations, their opinions, their reasonings, their behaviors, the influence that individuals can exert on one another, the biases that can affect their judgments or the collective phenomena that emerge from their multiple interactions.

Understanding these phenomena is central to policy making in the fields of education, sustainable development, public communication, access to employment or health, local development, environment, internal or international security, regulation of information on social networks, political communication, voting or the participation of populations in public policies.

The program of this undergraduate degree was designed to meet this need and this new demand, and to offer its graduates the possibility of seizing the increasingly numerous opportunities offered in today's world. The undergraduate degree as at the forefront of a recent international trend, including at some of the world’s most renowned universities, of developing similarly oriented programs.

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Undergraduate Program in Behavioral Science for Public Policy

Dominique Guillo

Vice-Dean, Behavioral Science and Public Policy

[email protected]