Organisation de l’enseignement des langues à la Faculté de Gouvernance et des Sciences Economiques et Sociales

Vision and Rationale

FGSES gives a paramount importance to student multilingual competency. It endeavors to provide the proper environment for students to develop the cross-cultural awareness as well as the transnational intelligence needed to engage effectively with some of the most compelling issues on both the local and the global scene. All language modules at FGSES are invariably skill-based and oriented towards social sciences. They are designed with the aim of providing students with the relevant skills to successfully complete their curricula, actively participate in international exchange programs and develop career plans that require multilingual competency and cross-cultural awareness.

FGSES embraces the principle of differentiated instruction. It takes full account of the mixed language ability of all student cohorts and places students in groups that correspond to their level of language proficiency. In accordance with international standards, assessment tools such as in-house placement tests and level exit tests are specifically designed to monitor students’ progress towards specific learning outcomes. The process of Language learning at FGSES is therefore geared towards specific language requirements.

Students at FGSES are required to demonstrate a proficiency level of two languages and an adequate command of a third language. They are given the opportunity to choose from a wide language course offer with the full knowledge that there are specific requirements to be met by the end of undergraduate studies.

The placement test consists of two parts :

  • A written part (75 min): oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production
  • An oral part (10 to 12 min): interview with an examiner

FGSES Langues

Languages offer et levels by language ( Bachelors and Masters Programs )

  • Niveau 1: Pre-intermediate
  • Niveau 2: Intermediate
  • Niveau 3: Upper-intermediate
  • Niveau 4: Advanced
  • Niveau 5: Academic Research Seminar (Proficiency 1)
  • Niveau 6 : Thematic Class (Proficiency 2)
IELTS: Certification of English Language Proficiency

IELTS (International English Language Testing System (Academic Module) is an English Language Certificate required by FGSES partner universities where instruction is delivered in English. Students interested in Exchange Programs at English-Speaking partner universities during their third year of undergraduate study are required to take the IELTS academic module in semester 3 of their second year in order to submit their files of application for a semester abroad at partner universities. The IELTS constitutes a key document in applications for a semester abroad at an English-Speaking partner university. The IETS is a standardized test which examines the four language competencies (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). The written portion of the test takes up to 3 hours whereas the speaking session lasts no longer than 15 minutes. The content of the test is purely academic, and the purpose is to measure the candidate’s ability to undertake academic study at an English-speaking institution.

The test is mandated by Cambridge University and the British Council. IELTS Testing centers in Morocco are managed by the British Council which oversees all processes of IELTS testing systems; from registration for tests to the issuing of results and certificates. Score bands of IELTS range from 1 out 9 (Non-user) to 9 out of 9 (Expert User).

  • Niveau 1 : Independent 1
  • Niveau 2 : Independent 2
  • Niveau 3 : Expérimenté 1
  • Niveau 4 : Expérimenté 2
  • Niveau 5 : Méthodologie de Recherche (Maitrise 1)
  • Niveau 6: Cours Thématique (Maitrise 2)


Classical Arabic
  • Niveau 1 : Méthodologie de Recherche (Maitrise 1)
  • Niveau 2 : Cours Thématique (Maitrise 2)


  • Niveau 1 : Débutant
  • Niveau 2 : Intermédiaire
  • Niveau 3 : Avancé


  • Niveau 1 : Débutant
  • Niveau 2 : Intermédiaire


  • Niveau Débutant


Standard Arabic : Foreign language
  • Niveau 1 : Débutant
  • Niveau 2 : Intermédiaire


Darija : Dialectal Arabic
  • Niveau 1 : Débutant
  • Niveau 2 : Intermédiaire



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