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Isbell Paul

Isbell Paul
Adjunct Professor
Relations Internationales
Isbell Paul is Chief Editor and Senior Writer at Global Alumni Education, a Spanish Ed-Tech company in Madrid that creates online courses for US, European and Latin American universities in Digital Transformation, Business and Finance, and Sustainable Development. He is also adjunct professor at IE University School for Global and Public Affairs and Suffolk University in global political economy and climate change.
Previously he was Senior Fellow for International Economy, Director of the Energy and Climate Change Program, and Senior Research Associate at the Real Instituto Elcano in Madrid as well as the CAF Energy Fellow and Gulbenkian Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University SAIS, in Washington, D.C. Recently he has also been a Climate Change Consultant for the World Resource Institute on land restoration in Latin America (WRI) and an Energy and Climate Change Consultant for the Inter-American, Development Bank (IADB) on low carbon transition.
He is the Author of Energy and the Atlantic: The Shifting Energy Landscapes of the Atlantic Basin (2012); co-author and editor of The Future of Energy in the Atlantic Basin (2015), and of Energy and Transportation in the Atlantic Basin (2017) (all available at Brookings Press). He has been Professor, Lecturer and researcher at multiple universities and research institutes across the Atlantic Basin. He has been the co-Secretariat of the ASEM Task Force on Closer Economic Partnership between Asia and Europe, reporting to ASEM V in Vietnam, and of the Atlantic Basin Initiative at CTR, JHU SAIS in Washington, D.C.

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