Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences is organizing a conference titled '"La guerre en Ukraine: premiers enseignements à tirer pour la sécurité alimentaire de l'Afrique'' scheduled on Tuesday, September 27th (05:15 p.m), and taking place at the Active Learning located in Bloc A- Main Floor.

Our guest speaker for this event is Henri-Louis Vedie, Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS)

About the speaker:

Henri Louis Vedie is a Senior Fellow at Policy Center for the New South. Holding a doctorate in economic sciences from Dauphine University Paris, and a graduate in Law from Université Paris I, Henri-Louis Vedie is also Professor Emeritus at HEC Paris, where he teaches in the Paris campus as well as Moscow, Varsovia, Belgrade, Abu Dhabi, Rabat, and more. 

Author of sixteen books, of which the last few concerned Morocco and sovereign funds, hundreds of articles (of which some where translated in English, French, Arabic, Polish and Russian), Henri-Louis Vedie was also a consultant for the European Council and a member of the Economic, Social and Environmental board in Paris.