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Amy Niang

Amy Niang
Associate professor
Science Politique
Amy Niang est professeur associé à l’Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique.

Elle est docteure en science politique (Université d’Edimbourg, 2011) et a enseigné la science politique et les relations internationales en Afrique du Sud, au Brésil et en Grande Bretagne. Elle a également été Visiting Professor/Fellow aux universités de Princeton, Michigan, Halle-Wittenberg et Sao Paulo entre autres.

Privilégiant un dialogue constant entre la science politique et les autres sciences sociales, ses travaux ont pour centre de gravité l’état et la souveraineté, l’ordre international et la sociologie des relations internationales. Elle est l’auteure de The Postcolonial African State in Transition. Stateness and Modes of Sovereignty (Rowman and Littlefield, 2018). Ses publications sont parues dans diverses revues telles que International Relations, Alternatives, African Studies, et Politics. Elle est membre du conseil éditorial de plusieurs revues dont Millennium, Journal of International Studies, African Affairs, Security Dialogue, The Feminist Journal of International Politics, Revue canadienne des études africaines, et International Politics. Ses enseignements sont consacrés aux théories des relations internationales, aux relations internationales de l’Afrique, à la politique comparée et aux questions de sécurité.


Prof. Niang is open to PhD supervision in projects related to the following:

  • International Relations Theory and History
  • The International Relations of Africa
  • State, statehood and related questions
  • The Geopolitics of Security in the Sahel Sahara
  • Peacebuilding Research


Selected publications:

(2018) The Postcolonial African State in Transition: Stateness and Modes of Sovereignty. London and New York: Rowman and Littlefield. ISBN 1786606526, 9781786606525

(2019) Les Identités sahéliennes en temps de crise. Histoires, enjeux et perspectives. Berlin: LiT Verlag (co-edited with Baz Lecoq). ISBN 978-3-643-14256-6 

(2020) Researching Peacebuilding in Africa. Reflections on Theory, Fieldwork and Context. London: Routledge  (co-edited with with Ismael Rashid). ISBN 9780367904111


(2020) “The Ontological Topographies of the International” International Relations Centenary Special Issue, Vol. 34(3) 333–353 DOI: 10.1177/0047117820946809

(2020) “The International” In Arlene B. Tickner and Karen Smith (eds.), International Relations from the Global South: Worlds of Difference. London: Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1138799097 

(2018) “Rehistoricizing the sovereignty principle with reference to Africa: stature, decline, and anxieties of a foundational norm” In Zubairu Wai and Martha Iniguez De Heredia (eds.). Recentering Africa in International Relations. Beyond Lack, Peripherality, and Failure. London: Palgrave McMillan, pp.121-144. ISBN 978-3-319-67510-7

(2018) “Intervention, Protagonismo and the Complex Sociology of Difference” A Review of Sabaratnam’s Decolonising Intervention: International Peacebuilding in Mozambique, The Disorder of Things, June 2018.
(2018) “Stateness and Borderness in Mediation: Productions and Contestations of Space in the Sahel” Adaption und Kreativität in Afrika, the German Research Foundation Working Paper N26.

(2017) “Mediations and Interventions in Cote d’Ivoire” in Abu Bakkr Bah (ed,).International Security and Peace-Building: Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Bloomington: Indiana University Press pp.154-93. ISBN: 978-0-253-02384-1. 
(2016)”Speaking Up, from Capacity to Right: African Self-determination Debates in Post-Bandung Perspective” In Quỳnh Phạm  & Robbie Shilliam (eds.) Meanings of Bandung: Decolonization and International Relations. London: Rowan& Littlefield, pp. 165-174.ISBN978-1-78348-565-9.
(2016) “The Imperative of an African Perspective in International Relations” Politics, Vol. 36(4) 453–466 doi: 10.1177/0263395716637092
(2015) “Dialectics of Subversion: Protest Art and Political Activism in West Africa” In Paul Ugor and Lord Yevugah (eds.). African Youth Cultures in a Globalised World: Challenges, Agency and Resistance. London: Ashgate, pp.149-164.ISBN978-1-4724-2975-9.
(2014) “The Political Economy of Ransoming in the Sahel: the History, the Ethics and the Practice,” African Economic History, vol. 42, pp.157-183

(2014)”Reviving the Dormant Divine: Rituals as Political Reference in Pre-colonial Moogo” Journal of Ritual Studies, Vol.28(1): 77-89.
(2014) “Ransoming, Compensatory Violence, and Humanitarianism in the Sahel,” Alternatives, Global, Local, Political, 39(4): 231-251. DOI: 10.1177/0304375415574451.

(2013) “The (In)Commodities of Laissez-faire Integration: Trade and Mobility in a Cross-border Market”, African Studies, Vol. 72(1): 41-63.


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