Post-exam Enrichment program (PEP)

The Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences launched the first edition of its Post-exam Enrichment Program (PEP) on April 2022. The program seeks to accelerate student learning process beyond the regular sequence of academic instruction. Although not part of the established curriculum, this enrichment program is indirectly embedded in it and feeds it in an innovative, creative, relaxed, and informal but productive manner. 

Major Components of the Program (PEP) include the following: 

  • Bootcamps 
  • Writing and Oratory Workshops 
  • Arts and Crafts Workshops (Theatre, Photography, Video-making, Infographic Design)
  • Student Club and Associations’ Activities 
  • Language and Culture Seminar Series 
  • Student Alumni Support Activities  
  • Book Presentation and Exhibitions at the Library/Resource Center  
  • Sports and Talent Contests 
  • Academic Enrichment Program in Economics for Graduate Study at FGSES