Strategic Analysis for Policy Making

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Global Affairs
Crédits ECTS
Automne - Fall
Master - Grade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Methods of analysis courses, Bachelor's degree or Equivalent ; Level B2 of the the CECRL in English
Contenu du cours / Course content
- Introduction: Introduction of the course, its objectives, structure and rationale, and the team of instructors
- The Strategic Environnent
- Presenting Analysis
- Exercise ‘The World We Live In’
- Research and Sources of Information
- Tools: Corroboration, Validation, Context
- Tools: Evaluating Information Sources – the 5-by-5 Method
- Exercise ‘Fake News?’
- In the final session of the day, participants have to apply knowledge and tools acquired during the day to a real-life scenario and distinguish between what is ‘real’news and ‘Fake News’
- Analysis: From National Security to Corporate
- Principles of Good Analysis
- Exercise: ‘Pepper Spray’
- The exercise requires participants to work in teams and compete against one another to resolve a complex analysis task. It is designed to both allow participants to apply skills already learned on the course and to discover and explore challenges that are discussed in the following days and weeks.
- Bias and Fallacy
- Tools: SWOT and Advanced SWOT
- Tools: Link Analysis
- Tools: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
- Crisis Simulation Exercise: ‘Title TBC’
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
Discussing the strategic environment analysts face in the 21st century – both within political/security and a more economics/business contexts – and developing a set of principles of good analysis. It further introduces a number of analytical tools to be applied in the first simulation exercise.

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