Security Studies: Security in the MENA Region

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Security Studies
Automne - Fall
Printemps - Spring
Licence - Undergrade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Advanced B1 Level of the CECRL in English
Contenu du cours / Course content
- General Overview of Emerging Issues in the MENA Region
- World Power and the Architecture of MENA security
- Natural Resources and Conflict
- State Resilience and New Mass Upraising dynamics
- Violent Extremism and War against Terrorism
- Politics of Water & Security in the Middle East and North Africa
- Security and Governance in MENA
- Political Economy security and Cultural environment of Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
- EU, Nato and North Africa Security
- Iran-gulf countries and regional security
- Arab –Israeli conflict: is it eternal?
- Cyber security and MENA connected youth

Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
Our Security Studies is an interdisciplinary based course that combines both classic analysis of security matter with the emerging analysis tools to predict and monitor non conventional threats in the Middle East and North Africa. Course is not limited in teaching theories, but includes certainly practical trainings that address current and emerging security challenges and opportunities. The course is designed for those who like to apply for carriers in the area of security monitoring, analysis and public policy making on the MENA Area, or those who plan to continue their graduate studies in international relations, international politics, geostrategic, and geopolitics, with a specific concern and area focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

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