Regional policy-making and analysis

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Economics Analysis and Public Policy
Crédits ECTS
Automne - Fall
Master - Grade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Bachelor's degree or Equivalent; Level B2 of the the CECRL in English
- Introduction to policy analysis
- Policy institutions and processes
Contenu du cours / Course content
- National curriculum as monopolistic authority,
- Numbers-oriented policies vs quality-oriented policies,
- Philosophical and mythological positioning od decentralization as a strategic policy,
- Theoretical and conceptual frameworks,
- The impact of decentralization policy on the economic performance,
- Foundations of input-output: basic input-output table and derivation of the Leontief model,
- Regional input-output models (Single-region model, Leontief’s intranational model, interregional input-output model, multiregional input-output model, Riefler-Tiebout’s bi-regional input-output model, Trade coefficient stability),
- Obtaining the data, Matrix constructing and adjustment methods,
- Evaluating the accuracy of estimated input-output tables,
- The specific features of the national tables and their implications on the regional table construction processes by hybrid or non-survey methods,
- Shift-share analysis,
- Multiplier effects analysis,
- The processes of policy development, implementation and evaluation
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
This course introduces students to the analytical tools used in regional policy analysis – i.e., regional input/output analysis, shift-share analysis, multiplier effects, as well as to the processes of policy development, implementation, and evaluation. It focuses on case studies of councils of government and other such regional bodies that have emerged or been created to provide regional governance.

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