Public management and leadership

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Economics Analysis and Public Policy
Crédits ECTS
Automne - Fall
Master - Grade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Bachelor's degree or Equivalent; Level B2 of the the CECRL in English
- Fundamentals in Macroeconomics and in Public budgeting
- Introduction to policy analysis
- Fundamental notions in management
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
The purpose of this course is to provide a venue for students to become exposed to and develop a knowledge and understanding of public management and leadership concepts essential to functioning successfully and responsibly in public organizations. The aims are, first, to enhance the students’ ability to formulate and implement coherent public policies by developing a keen awareness of some of the pitfalls and possibilities often associated with operating inside often large, complex bureaucratic structures. The development of operating frameworks and approaches for effective management and leadership will be emphasized, and comparisons will be drawn between the public, private, and non-profit sectors (as well as their interrelationships). Second, the course will stress the importance of leadership, and the rewards as well as challenges of operating within the public sector environment.
Course topics / Thématiques du cours
- Public management – history and discussion,
- The budget as a management process,
- Balancing objectives,
- Vision into strategy : matching practices to political contexts and connecting resources to results,
- Changing role of government : “moving toward market-based government,
- Management tools,
- E-government in the private and in the public sectors and their impacts,
- Serving customers with the transformation of management agencies,
- Getting results in reforming public management,
- Bureaucrats as business-people,
- Leadership and change management,
- Human resources profiling and management.


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