Islam and Europe

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Human and social sciences - Sciences Humaines et sociales
Automne - Fall
Licence - Undergrade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Advanced B1 Level of the CECRL in English
Contenu du cours / Course content
This course is an overview of the history and present time’s relations between Europe and Islams, with a focus on the historical process of these relations. It begins with the historical background of the geopolitics evolution in the Mediterranean area before and after Islamic religion emergence in Arabia. Then it moves on to an outline of the general conditions that shape the Muslim Empires close to European histories, from the Moorish Empire in Western Mediterranean side until the Ottoman Empire in the Eastern one. We will focus, later, on the colonial occupation and the emergence of a new knowledge regarding Islams and Muslims with the Orientalism and Ethnography as the new disciplines. The formation of modern States and the evolution of the Political systems in the independent states in the context of the Cold War, Immigration phenomena and the emergence of the Middle East Oil’s conflicts and policies will be the end of our program in dealing with Pan Islamism, Pan Arabism and Pan Socialism ideologies in the “Arab-Islamic World”. Following an introductory and comparative look, the course will focus on the political systems and regimes from the 1950s to the present. In a historical perspective, this part will investigate the evolution of the National states building process, from colonialism to the dream of unity and the current nightmare of the “Arab spring” and “Islamism terrors” in several countries.
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
This course is designed to assist students to acquire and demonstrate knowledge about:
- African stories and histories from Roman Empire period until the Moorish one
- Europe and West Asia from Byzantine Empire period Until the Ottoman one
- Modern Europe and the Conquest of the world. Old and Modern Colonialisms Experiences and knowledge
- Different political theories about societies called The Moors, the Turks and the Arabs
- Basic concepts that have shaped the history and politics of MENA societies and that are important for understanding the current problems these societies confront.
- Governments and politics in the region

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