Behavioral Economics for Public Policies

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Economics Analysis and Public Policy
Crédits ECTS
Automne - Fall
Master - Grade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Bachelor's degree or Equivalent; Level B2 of the the CECRL in English
- Fundamentals in microeconomics
- Fundamentals in mathematical economics
- Fundamentals of Public Policy analysis
Contenu du cours / Course content
- Overview of behavioral economics,
- Asymmetric paternalism,
- Choice architecture
- Supercharging incentives
- Developing Public Policy with Randomized Controlled Trials,
- Information provision,
- Challenges in implementing policies,
- Saving and Investing,
- Inequality and Poverty,
- Housing and transportation,
- Education,
- Health insurance,
- End of life spending,
- Fake news, misinformation, polarization,
- Crime, Punishment, and Rehabilitation,
- Climate change.
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
- Learn what classic economic assumptions behavioral economics challenges,
- Gain a broad understanding of many of the issues facing policy makers,
- Learn how be has been applied in various policy domains and where it has been Successful,
- Apply basic knowledge of experimental design and principles of be in order to assess existing policies,
- Understand how to generate policy interventions using insights from Behavioral Economics

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