Area Studies: Near and Middle East

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Area Studies
Crédits ECTS
Automne - Fall
Printemps - Spring
Licence - Undergrade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Have validated a level of 1st year of bachelor's degree ; Advanced B1 Level of the CECRL in English

Contenu du cours / Course content
- The First World War; The Middle Eastern region in the colonial era; the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
- The Middle East and the First Renaissance Project ( Afghani, Abdou, Kawakibi, etc )
- From Inqilab Mashritiya to the Islamic Revolution in Iran
- French and British Colonialism: two models for two sub regional blocs
- Independence movement in the MENA, and the building of post Colonial states
- Israel and the Arabs: From 1948, War of 1967 to the peace process
- The New Gulf and rents economy
- Conflict and Arm racing in the MENA
- Islamic Movement and secularism : Two projects with two dynamism
- The Arab Spring
- Jihadism and Political stability in the Middle East
- The power of the Tribe in the Middle East
- The power of the language: exploring linguistic debates and ethnicity in North Africa
- The Turkish regional return
- MENA and Europe
- MENA and USA
- The Project of the New Middle Est: is it possible
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
The Middle East is characterized by great contradictions, manifested in the fact that the region is the world's richest region in terms of energy wealth. But remains in the same time as one of the world's most tense region. The region is the world's most spiritual, culturally and demographically diverse region, while it has not been able to create its self-empowerment In order to take off . One of the paradoxes of the Middle East is that, by its complexity and crisis, it continues to be a top priority in the handcraft of world geopolitics, and keeps the highest priority within international relations, mainly in the areas of energy, civilizational dialogue and international security


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