Applied Macroeconomics for Public Policy

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Economics Analysis and Public Policy
Crédits ECTS
Printemps - Spring
Master - Grade
Prérequis / Prerequisites
Bachelor's degree or Equivalent; Level B2 of the the CECRL in English.
- Mathematical economics
- Fundamentals in Microeconomics
- Behavioral economics for public policies
Contenu du cours / Course content
- Consumer Preferences,
- Utility and the construction of utility functions,
- Optimal choice,
- Welfare and Aggregation of Preferences,
- Social Welfare Functions,
- Welfare maximization,
- Individualistic Social Welfare Functions and incentives role,
- Externalities: types, external costs, and external benefits,
- Information Technology and competition,
- Public Goods providing, provisioning, levels and quasi-linear preferences,
- Asymmetric Information, choice and adverse selection.
Objectifs du cours / Course objectives
This course is an overview of basic concepts and tools of microeconomics and their theoretical justifications for public action. It will focuses on how markets work, with an emphasis on analysis of the effects of public policy on the social welfare. The course will illustrate and explore a wide range of policy issues and topics in areas such as tax reform, housing, transportation, health care and the environment.

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