The Alumni Association invites all graduates of the EGE and the FGSES to stay connected to their alma mater beyond their years of study and to forme a dynamic network of leaureates.adhesion a l'association

Your membership is done in two stages:

  1. Download the membership form (PDF) and send it back to us completed and signed via 
  2. Pay your annual membership fees. 

Payments can be made in the following ways: :

  1. Cash deposit to the "Association EGE ALUMNI" account 
  2. Bank Transfer to the "Association EGE ALUMNI" account 
  3. Crossed Non Endorsable check in favor of "Association EGE ALUMNI" 

Please send us a copy of the payment receipt or transfer order by email to 

A payment receipt will be sent to you by email.


Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique
Faculté de Gouvernance, Sciences Economiques et Sociales

UM6P - Campus de Rabat 


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