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Online sessions: The cyber security & artificial intelligence course is delivered over a period of four days. The course integrates lecture-based learning with interactive seminars, practical skills training and immersive exercises and crisis simulations
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The Executive Certificate in Strategic Analysis is designed to improve the analytical capabilities of the participants through focused, intensive practical training and personal tuition. The course caters to the specific challenges participants face in their every-day working lives and aims to provide them with the theoretical foundations and contextual understanding of strategic analysis, as well as the practical tools and methods to become more successful analysts. This is achieved through an integrated syllabus that combines informative lectures and seminars, practical skills training, and interactive exercises and simulations that require both individual and group work.


The module is designed around the following five key intended learning objectives:

  • Understand and be able to engage in various areas of academic discourse related to the evolution of cyber security and artificial intelligence issues;
  • Understand, engage in debates about, and translate into practice the theoretical principles of cyber security and artificial intelligence;
  • Understand and apply the principles and a range of key tools of strategic analysis;
  • Produce academically rigorous and policy relevant pieces of writing;
  • Work individually and in teams to produce actionable strategic analysis outputs within a realistic crisis scenario.


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Procèdure d'admission

Applicants should send their current resume in PDF format and a personal statement (no more than 250 words) explaining the reasons for their application and how they will contribute to and benefit from the program to :

The selected candidates will receive a confirmation email.


Sanaa BENJELLOUN - Program Officer
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