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Founded in 2018, EGE ALUMNI is the Association of laureates of the School of Governance and Economics of Rabat (EGE Rabat) and the Faculty of Governance, Economics and Social Sciences (FGSES) of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P).
EGE ALUMNI's vocation is to bring together former students of EGE Rabat and the FGSES around a dynamic and committed association, capable of leading and carrying out public debates of interest to Moroccan society and enhancing the laureates profiles on the job market in Morocco and worldwide.
EGE ALUMNI is autonomous from the FGSES by its statutes and its organization, and is by its nature part of a framework of fruitful cooperation with the Faculty. The two institutions cooperate in all areas of common interest, and particularly in those concerning the promotion of laureates and students of the EGE and the FGSES.

The objectives of the Association:

  • Develop friendly relations and strengthen ties of solidarity between its members as well as successively link new batches to old ones ;
  • Help its members in their job research or their professional transitions ;
  • Contribute to the reputation of the FGSES, ensure its promotion and guarantee its influence at national and international level ;
  • Encourage meetings between students and former students through the organization of events and conferences ;
  • Organize convivial meetings and privileged meetings for the benefit of its members ; 
  • Contribute to debates and the development of associative and cultural life in Morocco and in the world. 

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